The lament of bad guys

Whenever I see a movie, read a book or hear a story I always root for the bad guy. Not that I am evil; is just that, in my head, I have to balance the unfairness bad guys are treated with. You know the plot: good guy appears, bad guy appears, bad guy is winning most of the time, but in the end the good guy come out on top because … he is the good guy. The bad guys are always stronger, more prepared, sometimes way more original, and clearly more passionate yet they always lose as the norm.

Alas, poor bad guys, they look like me playing chess: all goes well until something unexpected in the end game brings the defeat. However, contrary to my opponents who can only count on their wits (or my lousiness), the good guys have several options in how to wear the plot armor and win in the end. They may power creep, use the power of friendship, make a heroic return or simply gang up on the villain: have you ever seen a hero fight alone? No matter the tactic, no bad guy is ever expected to win, despite whatever power or prowess he shows.

It seems futile to be a villain in the fiction universe. However, even though the idea of Good trumping Evil may be comforting, it’s not the norm of our universe at all. Such a kind of dichotomy is unheard of in the nature. If anything else, at least for the sake of bit more realism, the bad guys should be allowed to win some more. So while all bland, generically moral good guys continue to win as a rule, I will still to be sad for the bad ones.