(Bad) Taste

I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane! Samuel L. Jackson in the timeless classic Snakes on a Plane

You are weak. Why? You lack hatred. Itachi to his brother in the My Little Pony’s motto “Friendship is magic” adherent manga, Naruto

Ninety percent of everything is crap. Sturgeon’s law

Have you wondered why mediocre content is so popular? Cliche movies; same-old-plot, 1-dimensional-character books; lame sitcoms; pop music; etc. Why is that?

This could be answered with a hand-wave, “mediocre people like mediocre things”, but this response doesn’t have much depth. What to say about “intellectual” people who consume uninspired media? There exits a fair share of perfectly reasonable people who, at night, sit in front of a soap opera; or nerds who read comics books(nothing more banal than a whole canon of stories where the characters announce their current actions and the good wins by default, amirite?).

In my opinion, the main reason is that everybody needs a mindless distraction. Nobody can’t stay in a thinkative frame of mind all the time; people get to recharge with an activity that won’t challenge their reasoning-be it a cheap romance or a TV show.

The thing I don’t have a clue is why people would go as far as praising Dan Brown’s novels, though.